Monday, 8 January 2018

Going for gold - top tips for DIY spray painting!

The guest room is coming along nicely now, I've managed to get rid of all the furniture we no longer wanted, all donated to a local furniture charity shop.  It's a brilliant way to get rid of furniture you no longer want, saved us more wasted time trying to sell it ourselves and benefits the local hospice, plus they collect it free of charge, check out the Hospice in the Weald website.

Priya waving goodbye to the truck carrying away our old furniture.

As for the fun stuff, you may have noticed on Instagram that I've been going mad with the spray paint over Christmas.  I decided some gold touches with the Hague Blue walls in the room would look nice and started with this gorgeous hexagon mirror from Oliver Bonas.  I had hoped to get both the small and large sizes to hang together but they sold out of the larger one and although I found plenty of other ones, none were much larger in size to go with the small one.  In the end I opted for a circular one to hang with it and actually think it'll look nice having the two different shapes.  While on the Oliver Bonas website, I also found this gold edged tray which is perfect in the room.

Next came the amazing dinosaur book ends!

I bought these for a tenner with the sole intention of spraying them gold, something I remembered Kimberly from Swoon Worthy doing often in her home.  I checked out her blog for the brand of spray she used and any tips, as well as messaging her, thanks for the extra tips (see below) and encouragement Kimberly!

Montana Gold in gold chrome - highly recommended.

The following photos are all phone pics (like I said, I hardly picked up the big camera over Christmas when I did all this) but I will take plenty of proper photos of the room once it's finished!

I also decided to spray the legs of our new bedside tables (I've written a separate post about these and my other options) to jazz them up a bit.  I chose something simple in the end, for just £39.99 each, and the gold legs just make them that little bit different.  It was easy as the legs just screwed into metal attachments on the bottom so I just took them off, put newspaper all around and screwed them back on loosely through the paper.

It's not that obvious here but it definitely makes a difference in real life instead of having the cheap plain wood.

I loved the finished result of the dinosaur and cabinets so much, I decided to spray our Aldi lamps too!  They were a total bargain at £19.99 each and originally black, annoyingly the metallic version was copper not gold and the ones we managed to get were dented - the last ones in two different stores but they had plenty of black ones.  I came up with an elaborate stand for them so I wouldn't risk the base ring sticking to the paper if I did them the same as the cabinets.  Sadly despite doing it in full sun, when I went out to do the second coat it had rained!  I hadn't even noticed the weather change and they had rain spots all over, so annoying.

Photo taken just after I sprayed them (before the rain came).

I tried to re-do it under the window but it was too awkward so I ended up finishing them a couple of days later in the dining room with the doors open for ventilation as it was still raining.  Luckily they turned out well in the end, after about three coats!

I can't wait to get the bedding sorted (I'm waiting on one final set to arrive so I can try a couple of options together and decide which ones work best) and finish the room by finally styling my shelf above the bed and getting stuff on the walls!

Oh and Kimberly's extra top tips for spray painting?

1 - Thin coats, Kimberly warned me it may not be opaque after the first coat and not to worry.  You get a better result if you take it slowly, something I noticed made a difference when I moved onto the lamps after getting used to it, I probably went too thick on the dinosaur.
2 - Hold the can about 10-20cm from the item using constant sweeping motions, something I automatically feel I should be doing with a spray can anyway, and stop and start spraying off to the side rather than directly on the item.
3 - This one's mine - CHECK THE WEATHER!  Don't make my mistake and leave it outside in the sunshine to dry assuming it will be fine.

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