Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year 2018

We spent New Year's Eve with Gemma and her family having a lovely dinner and chilled out evening at her beautiful new home (which she'll be sharing on the blog this year, yay!) in Plumstead.  On New Year's Day we headed over to the common for some fresh air with the kids.

I'm not really one for big New Year parties, perhaps because it's the day after my birthday, I never quite get into the whole party spirit again even though I rarely party on my actual birthday as everyone is usually busy with their own families in that period between Christmas and New Year.

And I don't really get into resolutions or the whole "must get fit" thing of January, I'm usually much more motivated for those types of thing in spring when the light returns properly!

This year, I have a couple of ideas of how I want to focus though.  Other than my new job which will be keeping me extra busy until April when I can do the hours I intended (freeing up a couple of days per month for me to focus on the blog and bexphoto), I really do need to crack on with our proper clear out and redecorating certain areas of the house.  I've had a huge pile of stuff in the garage which has been semi-sorted (as in, I want it gone but not quite sorted into piles for charity, selling, binning yet), some of which has been there over a year now!

Having made a really good start on the house "to do" list over the Christmas holiday though, I'm feeling like it's doable and really want to finish it.

As for bexphoto, this year I need to actually start thinking of it like a business, get myself out there and try to book clients other than friends.  On a more personal level with my photography, I'm attempting a 365 project (and we all know how rubbish I usually am at keeping up that kind of thing *cough* 365 necklace project *cough* abandoned half way through).  I'm hoping it will make me more focused on shooting with purpose, thinking of one photo for that day which I want to capture and not taking hundreds of whatever's going on.  Lately I've struggled to feel in the mood to pick up the "big camera" and edit, edit, edit, so I'm excited to see if I can force myself to slow down and take and edit just a few a day without overwhelming myself.

Laura's new project - The Slow Photography Movement should also help, giving me specific projects to focus on but with plenty of time to do them as well as some accountability!

And Olive Dragonfly, you already know my plans for this here spot on the web, I want to be more organised and vary my posts rather than bunching up loads of similar things which I seem to end up doing often.  I want to use my best photography and make this place look better, read better and be more coherent.  We'll see how it goes, I do very much suffer from ups and downs when it comes to writing and keeping up with life.  I do want to put more of ME back in these pages though, I often feel like I've lost part of that when I keep thinking "oh I must post about that thing we loved doing" and I end up rushing myself before it gets lost in the endless to do lists of my life.  I need to slow it down again and take more pleasure in it, hopefully by being more organised I can.  I want to actually write those other posts I keep writing in my head about the funny things the kids say or general life stuff.

As for everything else, I want to do more cooking again, all too often we have been settling for quick options.  I want to spend more time getting out together on weekends, actually making use of our National Trust cards more than just going to Sheffield Park (although we do love it).  I'd like to take the time to plan out some specific weekend family time out and about.  Slowing down in general seems to be my theme for this year!

I basically need to plan my time better and do less procrastinating.  Oh and actually write more interesting posts rather than dozens of posts about what I want to write about!?  Lol.

So, tell me, do you go all out for New Year, get reflective or make a huge list of resolutions?  Apparently I have even though I didn't intend to!  I hope they're all achievable and I'm not kidding myself.

If you want to follow my 365 project and other bexphoto related fun, check out my Facebook page and/or Instagram.  And, ya know, if you wanna book me - that would just be awesome, I can't wait to photograph more families this year!!

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