Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cable & Cotton rainbow lights in the kids' bedroom

You may remember my excitement at getting these rainbow lights for the kids for Christmas.  They're now up and we love them!  They were pretty popular on Instagram so I thought I'd share a bit more info here as I had a few people asking about them.  

You can now buy a ready made rainbow set on the cotton & cable website (after they saw how popular my set was!) but it has a more pastel tone so if you're after one more intensely coloured like mine, see the list below.

My rainbow set as chosen in store.

I can't be 100% sure as I picked them in store but I'm pretty sure these are the colours I have on my 50 strand set.

Ruby Red - 4
Mandarin Red - 3
Bright Orange - 3
Sunflower Yellow - 3
Bright Yellow - 4
Anais Green - 4
Lime Green - 4
Forest Green - 3
Turquoise - 4
Sapphire Blue - 4
Marine Blue - 3
Lavender - 4
Violet - 4
Raspberry Red - 3

It makes a perfect night light as it has a nice natural glow and as they're LEDs I'm not worried about them being on all the time.  They're so bright and happy, I love them and so do the twins, K is always so excited to switch them on at bedtime!

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