Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snow Days in Sussex!

It's pretty rare for us to get decent snow down here so I was a bit gutted when our first flurry this winter came when I was half blind with conjunctivitis.  This week, apart from the obvious dangers, I was really quite excited about all the snow!  The twins were so excited to wake up to such a thick covering and it was on my day off with them anyway so we didn't need to try to get anywhere and just got ready for some snowy adventures.

We went out onto the drive to play and K declared he was going to throw a snowflake at me.  Doesn't sound too bad but it did of course come as multiple flakes in ball format!  ;)

We had a lot of fun and giggling as they tried to get me from a safe distance (I was trying to protect my camera but they soon got me when I put it down and let them get closer)!

We had a little walk down our road but P slipped and didn't want to go any further even holding my hand.  Instead we came back and I taught them to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

And we did make an attempt at a snowman but the snow was so powdery it was very difficult to get it to stick and it wouldn't roll so we had to just pack some together (and when we inserted the carrot, his head exploded so I had to pack a new head around our carrot).  He wasn't very big but he was special.

Although Kalyan was as excited as me to be out playing in the snow, Priya it seems, isn't a fan and didn't last long outside in the snow.  She wanted to go back inside after about 20 minutes but K was desperate for me to stay out.  Cue the usual twins pulling me in opposite directions stress before K gave up and decided to come inside too.  Instead we snuggled down to watch Toy Story.

While the twins had lunch, I opened the back door to catch snowflakes on my purple glove to attempt some macro photos and was pretty pleased with this one:


Kara said...

I used to live close to the South Downs and we used to love snow days sledging down the hills

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

You got a great covering of snow to enjoy as a family, I find snow really does bring everyone together doesn't it? It's great to see the two of them throwing snowballs and enjoying their time together. It's a shame that P fell over and got a bit nervous of the snow after that, I hope you managed to get out the next day for proper snowman making with slightly icier snow.

Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

MichelleTwinMum said...

Ohh your macro photo is fantastic, I really love that. I'm in Sussex too and like you it is unusual to have snow so we really made the most of it. Mich x #countrykids

Unknown said...

I've loved seeing all the snow pictures! We didn't get any here in comparison but think it was too cold anyway to take my teenies out!! I love you tried to catch snow flakes in your mouth, that would have been so much fun... toy story is a good choice of film! #countrykids

Unknown said...

Your macro photo is really impressive. We had the same problem with getting the carrot to stay in the snowmans head without his head falling apart. The snow we had was not particularly mouldable! #CountryKids

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) said...

I love that macro photo of snowflakes on your glove - what amazing detail. I'm impressed you managed to build a snowman - we tried and gave up because of the snow being too powdery. Looks like your twins had a wonderful time having fun in the snow :-) #countrykids

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