Wednesday, 4 April 2018

World Book Day and other cute twin stuff

It was our first proper World Book Day this year with the twins being in pre-school.  We chose Zog for their dress-up inspiration with Priya going as Princess Pearl and Kalyan as Madame Dragon (since his dragon suit is green and not orange).

I must admit to taking advantage of being able to manipulate the costumes at this age and some heavy suggestions about these outfits from me!  I knew we could pull it off easily by just buying a doctor's kit for Priya as we had brown boots and a pretty dress and could to her hair in plaits (as on one of the pages), I would have made an apron too had work not been insanely busy this month!  And, well, we already had Kalyan's dragon costume which I fell in love with in TK Maxx when they were just 1 but bought it anyway!  I'm so glad as it's had a love of love and plenty of use since they could fit into it.

They loved dressing up so much, we did it all again the next day for playgroup with their friends (mainly so us mums could all get a photo of them together)!

As for the other cute twin stuff lately, I found them curled up together in bed this morning.  Adorable and they didn't even stir after I opened the blind!  (Which was excellent as I was able to get a decent picture on my phone!)  I love their bond, even if it does often switch to fighting mode at the moment, they do still love each other.

We went to a lovely christening recently too and they were so well behaved in the church in their Sunday best.  The weather was a bit miserable but we had a wonderful day with friends and an amazing hog roast after the ceremony!

I've been taking more photos for my 365 project (which I'm failing in epic style!), I think I'm about a month behind now but I'm still enjoying finding little pockets of light and experimenting when I can.

And sometimes you just need to give up on getting them dressed and let them bounce on the bed (and take pictures)!

I love her mismatched socks!

You can see more from my 365 project on bexphoto.

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