Monday, 28 May 2018

Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceux

On the early May bank holiday Monday we met up with some new friends at Herstmonceux for the "Bubbletastic Weekend" event at the Observatory Science Centre.

Having never been before, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but as soon as we entered, the kids were entranced by the fish pond!  There was a water play area too and we were surrounded by the observatory domes making for an awesome backdrop.  We soon went inside to explore the exhibits as we didn't see much bubble action happening yet.

Inside we found loads of fun interactive things the twins and their new friends loved playing with!

We then made our way outside into the sunshine again to find the bubbles.  We were all a bit disappointed with the "bubbletastic" event as all we found was a bucket of bubble mixture with a few big things to dip yourself and a bike tyre filled with mixture and a hula hoop to try to pull up a bubble tube around the kids.  We struggled to do this as it kept bursting half way up but the guy nearby in a uniform just said we had to do it faster and didn't offer any help.

I guess I'd been expecting more of an event with people showing off big bubbles and helping the kids more than just offering advice from a distance.  Our youngsters soon got fed up as they weren't managing to make any big bubbles and just wanted to chase some, we managed to make a few for them but it was a bit of a letdown.   I'm so glad the rest of the Science Centre was worth it or I'd have been gutted to have paid to get in just for that.

We ended up just getting our picnic from the car and settling down for lunch on the grass followed by an ice-cream before exploring one of the domes and the outdoor play area.

The dome we went in was full of interesting stuff to look at, I certainly learned a few things from the exhibits inside.  I'd be interested in one of the tours next time to find out more.  The outdoor play area was better for big kids, the twins just wanted to climb on everything you're not supposed to climb on.  I'd say the water play and inside science areas were better for their age group with all the interactivity and interesting lights, buttons to press, etc.

We had a lovely day out here and it's somewhere we'll go back to, the kids all enjoyed it.

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