Thursday, 7 June 2018

Family time exploring local places

My brother came to visit from Darlington with his partner and my nephew.  It was so nice having them to stay and of course my furry nephew too, I loved having a dog in the house!  We showed them some of our beautiful countryside with a nice walk near High Hurstwood.

We came across a field full of young bulls (it was on a public footpath) and they immediately came over to investigate us.  We all stayed very still and I lay down to try to get some good shots of them having a sniff as they slowly got more confident.  Kalyan loved it and even had a turn taking photos himself (which made me more nervous than the fact we were surrounded by bulls)!

They followed us back through the woods all the way to the stile!  They were so friendly and curious about us.

There was of course time for Pooh Sticks on the way back and Baxter tried to soak us all after he had a dip in the stream.

It was so cute seeing the twins with their cousin, they are OBSESSED with babies right now and were constantly asking for "a turn" to hold him!

I'm sure you can imagine the cuteness when we got all three of them in the bath together!  It was lovely to just have some chill out time with loved ones and get to know my little nephew better.

We went out for a Sunday roast the next day before they all had to head home.  You can read what we thought about The Blackboys Inn here.

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