Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Woodlands Festival 2018 - our favourite bits

Oh my gosh, the twins did not want to leave Woodlands Festival, Kalyan actually started crying when we said it was time to go home.  They had an absolute blast!  It was such a lovely event with so much going on without being overwhelming.  The beauty of a smaller festival in a lovely venue with fab bands and fun activities.

I have lots more to tell you about the festival but after a weekend with little sleep (we have learned a lot about camping so I'll be talking more about that too!) and a holiday this coming weekend, I have loads of house work, unpacking, packing, washing and sleeping to catch up on plus I'm working this week so it's all a bit hectic.  I've managed to fit in a bit of photo editing so here are some favourites I've picked out for now and be assured I will be back with more after we return from our holiday once things settle back to normal again!


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