Sunday, 15 July 2018

Holiday Fashion Finds, my love for maxis is back!

It's a while since I wore my once trademark maxi dress/skirt.  They're just not practical for running around with two kids whom I may potentially have to carry (stairs and maxis require extra hands so you don't trip) or crawling around on the floor.  Plus I just haven't felt like making much of an effort on how I looked since the start of this year (when my PND got bad and eventually diagnosed).  However, I'm feeling more like me again and that called for less of the black vest and jeans outfits and injecting some colour and "me" back into my wardrobe.

Nik may be a little distressed at the many parcels which have been arriving lately but I'm calming down now I have a new colourful selection of clothes that fit me properly since I have been a bit too relaxed on the old healthy front.  I decided there was no point waiting and waiting for the time I feel good enough to do something about fitting back into my old clothes and actually started to make myself feel better in what I can currently wear instead!  So, retail therapy, obvs.  After all, since working like a dog for a couple of months, I had some bonus cash as a result (not sure it was worth the stress but I may as well enjoy it now)!

I've found a few great bargains among some more expensive options (I finally see what the fuss is all about when it comes to Boden!) and will share a few of my finds below.

First of all, I have finally invested in a couple of jumpsuits.  A trend I have hitherto avoided due to never finding one that worked with my shape/height - no one wants a supposedly comfy outfit cutting into the crotch when they sit down, nor being tight over my wider hips and showing off curves in a less than flattering way.  It just wasn't the trend for me, even though I often admired it on others, although I always wondered if it was too much of a faff when toileting anyway!  Luckily I've finally found not one but two jumpsuits I really love and actually suit me!  One is from George at Asda (£25 - now sold out) and the other from Apricot (£29).  They both have wide legs and cinch in at the waist (but without making my larger post-baby belly more pronounced, damn you diastasis recti!) and the Apricot one has wrap over trousers which makes it even more flattering and nice and cool as the waft open as you walk.  (Sometimes a little too much I discovered as my entire thigh up to my pants started to be revealed recently!!  I have invested in some legging shorts with lace hem to wear underneath now!)

As for maxis, I got a couple from Boden with 30% off.  I had heard a lot about Boden and know quite a few people who own their clothes but to be honest, I always thought they were so expensive for basic jersey dresses, although I do like their bright and bold colours and prints.  I finally succumbed with the discount and I am converted!  Yes, they may be jersey but they're such good quality, fit really well and are so soft!  I love wearing them and so far they've washed really well.

I adore the blue print one (£63) which is really flattering and couldn't resist the strappy emerald green one too (not lined so it's a bit lighter, great for the super hot weather we've been having - now sold out) and also had to keep the orange knee-length one (£56 but now in the sale for £48) which looks great whether I'm tanned or pasty white ;)

I needed some more colourful vests too and I immediately fell for this loose fit bright one from Monsoon (£29).  They also had a matching dress (£59) which did tempt me but I'll have to wait to see if it goes in the sale as I'll get much more wear out of the vest so could justify the cost more.  Had the maxi skirt also been in a chevron pattern I would have definitely invested but I'm not so keen on the horizontal stripes.

I love this M&S finds too, a gorgeous flamingo print which I bought as both the dress (£15) and tankini (£28).

This red top below is actually an old H&M maternity top which I never wore, I finally took the tag off when I realised the style looks nice and floaty even without a bump (and nicely hides a big belly).  I love the tunic/dress on the right, it's new from Zara but I can't find it online.  I love the brightly coloured flowers and will probably wear it with leggings at home but I braved bare legs (or short shorts) under it on holiday.

As you will already know if you read my blog, I am a big fan of rainbows and rainbow colours.  So much so, this is going to be part of my "brand" as bexphoto.  My friends see rainbows and think of me which I love so I'm redesigning my logo to add more colour (as it's currently grey) as I am my brand and colour is my thing.  I therefore had to have a wee search for rainbow clothing (not necessarily as work wear as I will wear these things all the time, not just when shooting clients) but I figured it couldn't hurt to dress like my brand too and I'm often jealous of all the twins' awesome rainbow clothes anyway ;)

I found this awesome T-shirt on ASOS which is perfect for more relaxed days and I love this rainbow sparkly striped jumper dress for winter with leggings and boots.

And of course, I already made my pom pom rainbow top using a cheap vest from Peacocks and adorned my tatty old crocs with them too.

Of course, I needed a few new accessories too!

The big red fan tassel earrings are from New Look (£5.99, a bargain compared to the identical ones I saw for £14.99), the beaded sandals are from Asda and go with so much, especially denim, I LOVE them and they were a bargain too at £16.50.  The pink & blue tassel earrings were expensive but I spent ages looking for something similar online with no luck and I just love them so had to go back to the shop - I got the last pair!

My basket bag is from John Lewis in the sale for £22.50, it came with paper pom poms along the top in pink, red and yellow which I ripped off and replaced with my fluffy woolen homemade pom poms instead.  Sadly the lining is already coming away inside (I chose the John Lewis one as it has a zip so was more secure for the airport - it's ideal for holidays as it makes a great beach bag or handbag and it has strong leather straps too).  I spotted the gorgeous rainbow stationery in Tiger after my photography workshop so it was a no-brainer to invest a couple of quid - they make me smile every time I use them, I even take my fluffy rainbow pen to work as a dentist.

And of course there was my awesome holiday hat with sequin slogan!  £15 from Missguided.

I hope to share some of my festival fashion finds soon too, mostly consisting of sequins and more rainbows as evidenced above in the pom pom vest pics!  ;)

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Lynda said...

Congratulations on finding the perfect feel good holiday wardrobe! I firmly believe in the theory that what we wear affects (and reflects) our mood and your new colours tell me you’re looking and feeling good. And you got some great bargains too...that never happens to me, usually something gets reduced AFTER i’ve bought it! No more kid wardrobe envy 😊🌈☀️

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