Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Amira's Kitchen restaurant review

We've had a couple of nights out at Amira's Kitchen since my first outing to sample their High Chai back in March.  We love the food and the atmosphere, it's the only place I've found in Uckfield which doesn't make all the curries sweet.  They've recently revamped their bar too and have a new cocktail menu too so I'll be reviewing that soon, I cannot wait!  In the meantime, here's a bit more about the other menu items they offer.

Waiting for Daddy to arrive!

I did sample one cocktail, the Mango Daiquiri and it was lovely with a twist of lime!

The new bar area is so comfy, the bar stools which are also adjusted to the height of the tables, are perfect, I could have happily sat there for hours enjoying a few drinks.

We perused the specials menu while in the bar area and were excited to start with some fresh poppadoms and pickles.  We ordered a few different starters including two specials, the prawn and chicken ones (I forget the names) and we also got the Aloo Tikki and Lamb Tikka pieces.

As there were a few of us there, I got to try plenty of different things too, Mum and I went for our mild favourite, the Murgh Zafrani which comes with grated cheese on top and I know that sounds really wrong and random but it's so good!  (Basically I love melted cheese on pretty much anything anyway.)

Dad had the Lamb Rogan Josh which was lovely and flavoursome although could have had much more of a kick for his liking.  The twins shared a mixed grill as they love the "spicy sausage" (kofta) and chicken.  I can't remember what Nik had but we also ordered some veggie sides - the cauliflower and aubergine were both delicious with a lovely depth of flavour!

We enjoyed everything and had a great night out!  As I've said before, the decor is lovely with authentic touches everywhere they've brought back from their travels and it was pretty busy for a Tuesday night too so there was a great atmosphere and friendly service as always.

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