Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Summer fun in the garden!

Sometimes we just want to stay home, especially when it's been SO hot.  I just can't bear the thought of being stuck out in the sun somewhere or even getting into the roasting hot car before it cools down with the air-con.  Luckily we have a decent sized garden with a paddling pool and playhouse to keep the kids entertained and plenty of shade in the form of porches and brollies too!  Plus - free fun days at home are always good, we can't afford to be going out every day, especially when I'm barely ever organised enough to make packed lunches.

I took a few photos on one such day and I love them so I thought I'd share them here as a bit of inspiration and as a little intro to my revamped Bexphoto site too!

Of course, a hot day in the garden isn't complete without a Mini Twister or two (and a Nobbly Bobbly for me)!  The twins adore these treats and were more than happy to get up on their playhouse porch for me to capture them eating their lollies.  (Kalyan is looking exceptionally pale due to the usual Factor 50 Fight!  His is not rubbed in very well!)

I've put some of these photos together in a spread for my new sample album as part of my bexphoto launch this month.

Design in progress

I've also redesigned my website to express me and my brand more closely as well as what I offer in my packages and I painted my own new logo too!  Check it out below, I love it and feel it represents me so much better than my old grey one.

Colourful, vibrant and fun which is how people describe my photographs as well so if you're in the market for some authentic family photos and love colour as much as I do you're probably my dream client!  Please take a look at my documentary style approach to family sessions via and let me know what you think.  I have limited sessions available so be sure to sign up to my VIP list to be the first to hear about upcoming slots, news and offers.

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