Saturday, 1 September 2018

Saal Digital wall decor review

I was recently offered the chance to review a wall decor product from Saal Digital and had fun going through the various options available.  They offer the usual traditional canvas prints as well as more modern looking aluminium and acrylic print options.  I decided I wanted to print a recent photo of the twins enjoying bathtime to hang in the bathroom so I opted for the weather resistant option of PVC foamboard.  I wasn't sure how this would feel but as a light, easy hanging option which I could print larger for the same price as other options, I decided to go for it and was pleasantly surprised with the feel and quality of it.

Ordering was easy, I just uploaded my image and checked the crop after choosing my dimensions and material as well as the hanging mount option.  Mine is the 40 x 60 cm which costs £41.95 plus £5.95 shipping.  They currently have an offer for £15 off when you spend £30 though so you could nab a bargain before the end of September.

It arrived quickly and very well packaged.  There was no chance of damage with the thick cardboard protecting it and tight plastic wrap holding it in place for transport.

The print quality was very good too, the only issue I had was the shadows printed a little greener than the original image appeared.  It shows up fine in my photos but the tiles have a green tone compared to the actual bathroom tiles the print is hanging above.

It looks fab on the wall though...

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