Sunday, 14 October 2018

Halloween Party Ideas

For the twins' 3rd birthday I wanted to have a Halloween party for them.  I'm a big fan of Halloween and love all of the decorations, games, fancy dress and food ideas so I did loads of research in advance, mainly on Pinterest, and came up with a few favourites I wanted to do.  I hired a local village hall in Maresfield to keep the inevitable mess out of my home and had a great time making and baking for the big day.

Their birthday cakes were monsters which I have to admit, were a nightmare to ice but I think they looked pretty awesome!  They had requested carrot cake and chocolate cake (they always get their own cakes as they would if born on different days) and I've shared the recipes previously on my blog if you want to read the full cakey story!  I'll also be doing a post with the Halloween food ideas so watch out for that soon!

As for entertainment, I hired an amazing face painter we discovered at Wakehurst's Science Festival called Tick Boom.  She's so awesome and the kids loved it!

I created a few fun stations around the hall, some were crafty and some were games.  One was a simple paper plate pumpkin to paint with pre-cut triangles and mouths to create scary faces and I had paper ghosts gut out with glue and cotton wool balls to stick on to decorate them and more pre-cut black eyes.

One of my favourite things to make in advance was the bowling game; I decorated white cups with various ghost faces using a sharpie and did the same on clementines to make pumpkin faces and these were the balls to knock over the tower of cups.  This was a big hit with the kids!

Another fun game was the big pumpkin tower where the kids had to throw balls into one of the mouths, each one being a different size so varying difficulty.  (Thanks go to the husband for getting me a huge box from the hospital where he works to support the pumpkin cut out and catch the balls behind.)  Another game I built from card was the witches hat hoopla.  I used big pieces of card to make cones which I decorated as hats for the kids to throw hoops onto.

I did also have a couple of more messy games - one cauldron of dyed spaghetti, filled with various halloweeny pieces like bouncy eyeballs and bits of plastic skeleton for the kids to search for.  I had another big tub filled with aqua beads (they feel amazing by the way!) with more things hidden like little skulls and spiders.  Great sensory play for the little ones.

We also played pass the parcel and I cheated when it came to a pinata and bought one from Wilko for £5 and filled it with little bottles of bubbles (rather than sweets) and a big bag of confetti, both of which I bought on Amazon.

The party was a great success (minus the clearing up of spaghetti which somehow ended up spread all over the hall), the twins loved it and I enjoyed making everything in advance too!

I have to admit though, I was pretty knackered after, perhaps took on a bit too much with the activities, decorations, cakes and food with such a big party (the food post is to follow).  This year already having been pretty full on and mega stressful, we've decided to have a much smaller party at home.  The twins have made their own guest list so it's just people they see often and consider their best friends which will be a nice small group to entertain and feed at our home, phew!  I'll be writing a post on this year's party plans soon too.

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