Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Danny The Idiot - Balloon show party - review

When I had the idea of booking a balloon modeller for the twins' party, I'm so glad I went to Gemma.  She doesn't do balloons but recommended Danny who I immediately booked after hearing what he offers, a whole show of magic, hilarity, balloons and fun.  Perfect!  His show is an hour but he came early to get changed and set up.  We timed the party around it with guests arriving at 10:30 to get the initial excitement over with before his show started at 11, then afternoon tea at 12 followed by general play and the pinata and cake to be finished by 13:30.  It all worked beautifully on the day, helped I think by having just six kids, definitely the way forward people, I really enjoyed it this year as I was able to be so much more organised for a smaller do.

Anyway, Danny started off with some scarf juggling followed by real juggling and was constantly surprising the kids and making them laugh.

He did magic tricks with balloons and had some of the kids join in and help him.  He had made everything fit with my rainbow theme too with plenty of bright balloons used to make an awesome multi-coloured Octopus, a gigantic rainbow balloon dog and a rainbow flower with different coloured petals.

One of my favourite bits was when he slowly dressed himself in rings of balloons, it was a bit baffling at first but then he brought out his balloon chainsaw!  Seriously awesome, he had sound effects and "started it up".  You have to watch the video below to see what he did next...

His finale was pretty epic too, he climbed into a balloon!  You need to see it to believe it...

After his amazing show, he spent some time making balloon swords in rainbow colours for everyone too.  They had an absolute ball watching the show and then the chaos ensued as battle commenced!

A huge hit all round methinks!

Danny comes highly recommended by the kids and grown ups alike, his hire cost for one hour was £175.  We all enjoyed his show, he's great with the kids and perfect entertainment for pre-schoolers and even older kids I'm sure as he tailors his act to your party.  He took time asking questions and getting ideas to fit with our theme and was brilliant on the day and it made my life so much easier as all I had to worry about was the afternoon tea part, well worth it!  The twins have been asking for the funny balloon man to come back ever since and the octopus is still going strong two weeks later!

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