Wednesday, 19 December 2018

My Rainbow Christmas Tree!

My love for all things rainbow has really gotten out of control if you ask my husband!  You know what though, rainbows just make me so happy!  The bright colours really do cheer me up, I'm so drawn to them, so yes, it has become a bit of an obsession but I don't care and I think he gets it really.  He does love our tree (despite his concerns it might look a bit "shopping centre"), he loves how it turned out almost as much as I do!  And the twins?  Their response was "Wow" when they saw it after a weekend in London with Daddy seeing their cousin while I stayed home to work and prep the house for Christmas!  :D

Before I found some more yellow ones on eBay!

I'm so glad rainbow seems to be the latest trend as it's been so easy finding rainbow decorations, clothes, homewares, stationery, etc... to feed my latest addiction!

So here it is, my rainbow themed tree this year and details on some of my favourite new decorations...

Various coloured plastic baubles in matt, shiny and glittery finishes from Festive Lights Ltd - super cheap, a bit hit & miss on the quality with some areas missing colour or being scratched but for £1.75 for 12 you can't really complain!

Rainbow variety glass baubles - absolutely stunning, in matt and shiny from John Lewis in two sizes.  Amazing quality as you'd expect and great colours but a bit more pricey at £32 for a box of large ones and £15 for the small ones.

I got a few random ones on ebay for great prices, including loads of yellow ones thankfully as they were the hardest to find (you could substitute gold but I wanted bright)!  I also got some great finishes included in the box with teal and yellow - glittery, shiny and flocked!

Charity shops are brilliant for finding cheap random coloured baubles, I got some great ones including a purple Santa and purple glitter tree from Oxfam for 50p each.

I also got some amazing baubles in loads of colours, mainly pink, green, blue and orange but also a few yellow ones, yay!  The very kind lady in St James & St Hospice shop took some off the tree for me, a bargain at 25p each!

Paperchase also had a great rainbow selection this year, I love their vintage style thread ones.

I fell in love with the cute carousel wooden decs which I found on Amazon.  So cute and in 5 rainbow colours!

I got some cute glittery birds in T K Maxx and an awesome sequin pink one which is Priya's favourite along with purple Santa from Oxfam (50p) and this teal/blue Santa also from T K Maxx.

Oh and of course, I made my beaded snowflakes at a Craft Courses workshop - a green one for the main tree and a rainbow one for my little white tree.

I also had a few actual rainbow decs but as I did the tree in colour blocks, I kept the rainbow ones for my mini white tree.  I got some rainbows from Paperchase, a dimpled rainbow bauble from John Lewis and some white ceramic ones from Hobbycraft which I painted in rainbow stripes.  I also got some ceramic snowflakes for the kids to paint as part of their advent which are also on this tree with some of the plain coloured ones from John Lewis and glitter birds from Paperchase.

My lovely nurse at work also bought me the tinselly rainbow tree from Paperchase which I love but have yet to decorate!  I think I'll put it in the twins' room with just simple fairy lights on and let it shine as it is, keep an eye out on Instagram for that one!

I have also been revamping my wardrobe after far too long wearing a fair amount of black.  Lack of confidence hasn't helped since I struggled to stay on the healthy wagon.  I dress the kids in rainbow clothes all the time but for some reason, I never searched for similar clothes myself, except when it comes to Christmas jumpers.  Although I intend to get back on that healthy wagon, I have decided it's high time for me to wear whatever the hell I like!  Inspired by my more adventurous festival outfits this summer, I realised I wanted to be more colourful and outgoing every day so I have now got a brand new wardrobe of sparkle and rainbows.  And I love it!  They really lift my mood and I don't care what anyone else thinks (probably that it's a bit OTT).  Watch out for an outfit post in the near future featuring all of my new rainbow clothesOK so I already wrote that one before I managed to finish this post so it's here if you want to see!

I just love the colour it adds to our room!

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