Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Boxing Day in The Garrison, London

We went on a day trip to London on Boxing day for a meal at The Garrison pub with family.  As we weren't able to be together on Christmas as planned this year we arranged to meet up for a meal that was relaxed but delicious and The Garrison was an ideal venue within easy access of London Bridge station.  The kids had a blast with their cousin and we all had a cuddle with the newest member who's looking cute as a button as always!

It was lovely to get a family photo but of course with so many kids, at least one was bound to not be up for it.  Priya was getting a bit tired by this point...

A and Kalyan were still very perky though and loved chasing/being chased by Uncle O!

Sometimes the blurry ones are worth keeping!

And of course there were button wars in the lift in the underground station!

It was a lovely day out and so nice to be able to get together on boxing day.

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