Thursday, 3 January 2019

Christmas Eve Box tradition

I love Christmas Eve, the anticipation and the fun as work is over and we get to open our Christmas Eve box.  (We actually did it a night early this year but it was amazing!)  I bought us all new matching pyjamas with christmas lights on.  The kids' were from Gap but they didn't do them in adult sizes (gutted) but then I found these very similar ones from Chelsea Peers via ASOS.

During the day we visited friends for a drink then back at home opened up the box to watch Home Alone with popcorn all snuggled under the blanket with the twins' soft elves.

I finally finished my rainbow wreath too which I love, it's a pre-lit one I just added rainbow baubles to with hot glue.

And I embellished myself a tree headband to match our rainbow theme this year ;)

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