Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Ice Skating at Calverly Grounds in Tunbridge Wells - review

We booked a session on 22nd December for the ice skating at Calverly Grounds in Tunbridge Wells and had a fab time!

The last time we tried ice skating with the kids was a couple of years ago and they were only on the ice for about 5 minutes and spent the rest of the time giggling at me skating round and round.  This time they loved it and stayed on the whole time with me!  Unfortunately this year Nik found his boots very painful so he left the ice early and struggled even more to skate than usual as he's not confident on the ice anyway.

I did my best taking both of them round on the trusty orange seals but it does get sore on the wrists to steer them both with one hand each so I did leave one in a corner while I dashed round with the other then swapped them over!

They each had a small go without the seals when I took them off the ice, Priya has smaller feet so she had to have the strap on skates with double blades and K had some normal skates.

It was a lovely morning and we even managed to pose for a photo of all four of us which we purchased as it's a rare thing for us all to be in photos out and about and they were actually very reasonable at £5.

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