Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Wilderness Wood with new friends on NYE

You might be getting bored of seeing Wilderness Wood on my blog but I never will, I love it there and we went back again on New Year's Eve with new friends we met at a school visit so hopefully the kids will be starting the same school together in September and the twins are managing to expand their friend circle already as am I.

Of course I took lots of photos again and loved seeing Kalyan hit it off with William as he's been left out of the fun a little when Priya gets together with Bella.  They're mutual friends with each other too so that's great for future play dates too :)  Since Christina's husband was also working on NYE, we met up for some company outdoors to tire the kids out, it worked perfectly and I had a lovely morning!

Also, best thing I did last time was teach them how to bring back the zip slide themselves!  Especially on super muddy days like this!

I even tried out a new technique I'd been meaning to try with my camera, panning shots so when the kids were on the tyre swing I managed a few with them in focus while I panned the camera with them to the background blurred with the movement.

Of course a trip to WW isn't complete without a visit to the Wilderness Cafe!  We had lunch their and the Cauliflower Dahl soup was lovely with a sourdough roll.  The kids enjoyed their paper lunch bags with giant gingerbread men after.

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