Thursday, 28 March 2019

Sunday Roast at Framptons, Tunbridge Wells - review

I was struggling with a few deadlines last month so wasn't able to get this review written until now but our Sunday roast at Framptons in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells was definitely one of the best I've had locally!  It's not a cheap option with roasts costing £16.50 - £19.50 but I honestly think it's worth it if you can splash out.

I went with the twins and my in-laws while Nik was working one weekend in February and we had the most amazing meal.  I've reviewed Framptons before and have always been impressed by their food and I love the surroundings with vintage touches around, a rustic look upstairs and lots of lovely wood in the bar area downstairs.  I also like that you can see openly into the kitchen where the chefs are working hard plating these delicious dishes.

We skipped starters and went straight for the roast, I had the salt marsh lamb with salsa verde, the twins opted for beef which came with a Marmite hollandaise sauce (I was a little dubious but it was actually very tasty!) and the in-laws had beef too.  All the meat was served pink, they did check I was happy with that for the twins.

It was all amazing and came with a drizzle of gravy over the meat but we were given a huge jug of extra gravy on the side (a big plus in my eyes).  The meat was so tender and flavourful and the Yorkshires had the perfect fresh texture.  I often find with pub roasts they seem like they've been reheated as they dry out but these were lovely.

We also received a massive bowl of vegetables including some amazing crispy roasties, parsnips, a carrot mash and kale.  Our server offered to bring us more which we initally declined as we thought we had plenty but after tasting the kale (and with Priya loving it too!), we asked for more of that and got a new fresh bowl of the buttery greens.

Of course, I couldn't resist dessert and the twins always get a scoop of ice-cream if they've behaved and eaten well when we go out.  Priya opted for "manilla" and K had mango sorbet.  They were thrilled with the little edible flowers on top!  I chose the chocolate delice which was heaven, served with clotted cream ice-cream!

Puddings range from £5 to £7.50.  There isn't a kids menu but they make smaller portions of some of the menu items so they had a kids roast (I'm not sure of the cost of this as my father-in-law kindly treated us).

Service is friendly and efficient, not overbearing but attentive.  We had a really good meal, it's such a great place to chill and enjoy eating.  I'd highly recommend it!

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