Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Chailey Windmill

Our visit to Chailey Windmill was a totally random stop on the way home from a play-date at a nearby garden centre.  It was such a lovely sunny day and I spotted a windmill sign as we drove home so I turned round, parked the car and off I went with the twins to try to find the windmill.  It was just a short 5 minute walk away and looked glorious in the big blue sky with not a cloud to be seen!

It seems to be situated next to private residences (you can't park there even though there's a road up so leave your car in the car park off the main road and walk up).  I believe there's a little museum in the base of the windmill but it was closed when we were there.  I managed to find out some info about it online though...

"Chailey Windmill is a Grade II listed Smock Mill and stands on an historic site beside the yew tree said to mark the centre of Sussex.  Records show that mills have stood here since at least 1590.
Although the site was originally occupied by a post mill, the present windmill is a smock mill with a cap sitting on a spindle and sweeps which are turned into the wind by a fantail.  She was erected by Thomas Beard of Chailey in 1864." 
You can read more here or on Wikipedia.

There's a good climbing tree on the lane up to the windmill too ;)

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