Thursday, 4 April 2019

My perfect bouquet - rainbow flowers!

Although I do always love the flowers Nik picks out for me, this year, I really wanted to create my own rainbow bouquet!  I love flowers, learning names of the ones I love and arranging them.  I sometimes think in another life I would have loved being a florist!  Maybe one day, maybe when I retire I could get a job in a pretty little flower shop.  Anyway, for now, I make do with being creative with my own flowers and this year I went to both of Uckfield's lovely florists, The Flower Shop and Miss Bloomsbury.  It helps that they're just a few doors apart on the High Street so I was able to pick and choose my stems from each to create my perfect colourful arrangement which looks beautiful on our new bar cart in the dining room!

The flowers I chose:
Red: Carnation, Rose, Chrysanthemum
Orange: Bird of Paradise, Gerbera
Yellow: Freesia, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum
Green: Bloom Chrysanthemum, Verbena, Button Poms, Bells of Ireland, Green Mist
Blue: Anemone, Thistle
Violet: Statice
Pink: Ranunculus, Lisianthus, Astilby
Greenery/Fillers: Eucalyptus, Wax Flower, Pistache

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