Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Oast Farm shop - picnic

Nik had a day off last week to do some admin work from home so we all ventured down to our local cafe, forgetting that it's closed on Tuesdays, oops!  Luckily Judith was in the shop and happily made us a cup of tea and coffee when we bought some things from the shop to have an impromptu picnic outside.

Judith also brought us out a knife and chopping board for our cheese so it was a rather posh picnic in the end!  lol.  We'd brought our blanket anyway on Kalyan's insistence (sunshine often means picnics and ice-lollies in our house!) so the kids sat on the grassy area while Nik and I sat at one of the outdoor cafe tables.

We'd chosen a brown sourdough (good old Flint Owl bread), ham, brie (which was properly ripe and squishy - SO delicious!), cherry tomatoes, quince cheese (homemade by Judith), crisps for the kids (Nik and I are trying to lose some weight) and a sausage roll for Priya.  It ended up being quite the feast and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

She then chopped up some carrots for the twins to feed the Shetland ponies around the back.  They loved it, we had such a lovely time!

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