Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Up Country garden centre & cafe - review

We had a really fun day out at Up Country garden centre near Haywards Heath.  I've driven past it so many times but never ventured in until my friend suggested we meet there for the kids to play on the bus.  I had no idea they could play in the old bus in the back, I always thought that was the cafe as it has a big cafe sign on it, lol.  Turns out the cafe is inside the shop and the bus is just there for fun!

We had a great time!  The kids LOVED the bus, taking turns to "drive" or run up and down the aisles, swinging from various poles.

And we also found a vintage tractor inside next to the cafe.  They all loved that too, big thumbs up from us!

The cafe itself was nice too, bright and spacious and with an enclosed play area just outside.  The coffee and cakes we had were lovely but did take a while, it seemed a bit chaotic and inefficient considering it wasn't very busy when we were there but we still had a nice time and I'd like to try out their brunch menu one day too, it sounded lovely!

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