Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Kitcho Sushi - review

This review is long overdue but I had to write it as we had a lovely meal at Kitcho for Mother's Day in Greenwich.  We hadn't booked anything in advance so were lucky to get a table with two hours' notice.  I'm so glad we did as it was a wonderful little find!

We did have a bit of a wait to be seated, despite our table being ready as they seemed very short staffed for how busy they were and it was a while before anyone brought us menus, took our order or brought us drinks but everything was worth the wait and the food actually came really quickly after we ordered.

We ordered a few starters including edamame beans, wasabi prawns and yakitori skewers followed by a selection of sushi and sashimi.

Our platter was amazing and so beautifully presented!

I love that Kalyan and Priya are fans of sushi, they love sashimi the best, same as mummy!  We had a load of different options - sea bass, tuna, salmon, scallop, sea bream and yellow tail as well as my favourite maki rolls.

We definitely recommend Kitcho for a sushi fix!  Everything was so fresh and well prepared, we even ordered more edamames and wasabi prawns after the sushi as we loved them so much! 

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