Thursday, 9 May 2019

The Ivy, Tunbridge Wells - review

I was so excited to go for brunch at The Ivy in Tunbridge Wells, the photos I'd seen of inside looked beautiful and I am loving a bit of art deco style at the moment (keep an eye out for our living room re-decoration to see just how much)!

Nik booked brunch as a surprise for us as whenever we thought to go there before we struggled to get a table as we left it too late to book.  This time, we woke up and he told me we were going there that morning for brunch!  So exciting and such a lovely surprise :)

The menu had lots of lovely options, I really struggled to choose!  We ordered a portion of pancakes for the twins to share (which the kitchen pre-split so it still looked pretty with all the fruit on top in two separate bowls and they each had a little pan of strawberry coulis which they LOVED).

Nik and I had a coffee and a Virgin Mary cocktail which was perfect - not too spicy but with a good kick and nice flavour.

The kids' babyccinos went down well too as usual!

In the end, I opted for the eggs benedict which came with pulled ham - deeelish!  The eggs were perfectly cooked and the sauce was lovely too.

Nik opted for the vegetarian breakfast which included Halloumi and avocado. 

As I'd hoped, the interior was lovely with art deco touches, artwork and sparkling bar area.

We all had a great time, the food was lovely, service was very friendly and attentive (except towards the end, we suddenly found there was no-one around for ages when we wanted to pay the bill).

All in all, a big hit, we'll be back again!

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