Bex started The Olive Dragonfly blog way back in February 2011 (which was a pretty big year!) when she was planning her wedding and wanted to write about all of her little projects and ideas.  It was a great way for her Mum to stay involved as she lives abroad.

Photo by Matt Wagster

Bex loved writing and sharing her thoughts so decided to continue after she was married and began to write about all the things she loves.  These include travelfashion (she's a bit obsessed with maxi skirts!), food, photography and interiors.  She also has her own photo website to showcase her landscape & nature photography.  The blog has since developed more of a focus on fashion, food and friends as she also loves writing about her life with her wonderful husband and friends.

And lots of other cocktails actually!

Bex can't resist good food and wine and adores fancy dress!  She likes to live a life of adventure and loves to travel although she can also be found enjoying cosy weekends crafting and baking at home, or blogging of course!  She is obsessed with making lists and keeps an optimistic life list which is constantly being updated.

Bex diving with hubby

Bex met Roz in June 2012 after tweeting about a screen printing class she'd booked which Roz also fancied trying so they decided to go together.  They hit it off and have been firm friends ever since.  They have loads in common and have so much fun together they find it hard to believe they've only known each other a year!

Bex & Roz in London Dec 2012
Enjoying cocktails at Bex's 31st birthday!

Roz joined the blog in January 2013 and has added another voice in her posts about fashionwine and other things she loves in the last few months.  Roz shares Bex's passion for cooking & bakingeating outcrafts and more importantly, shopping!  She is most looking forward to sharing her interiors ideas and the transformation of her amazing new home.

Coveting fancy wallpapers in Liberty
They DO have a lot in common - Roz loves cocktails too!

We've recently started doing the Pin It Do It challenge and would love to see any of your Pinterest inspired projects, we've already had some submissions for the Wednesday feature and have done plenty ourselves!  Bex hosts a craft club in Glasgow which you can find out about here if you fancy joining in.  We love to meet new people via the blog and twitter (that's how we met after all) and we've both made some wonderful friends via meet-ups like Any Other Hen Do and Florence Finds' Tea Party.  We even hosted the 1st Olive Dragonfly Party last year and there are already plans afoot for another (hopefully a fancy dress affair on Saturday 2nd November for Halloween)!

Bex has written a few guest posts for other blogs, mainly on Any Other Woman which is one of her favourite reads (the blog snog page needs updating too).  These posts and Roz's first guest post are all indexed here.

You can find individual labels for the things we write about at the very bottom of every page, including Bex's weight loss journey and her recent struggles with IVF or you can use the search box on the home page to find something specific.  We hope you enjoy reading our little corner of blog-land, we love it here and are thrilled to have so many lovely readers!

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