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Here are a few blogs we love, in no particular order...

Any Other Woman - This blog evolved from its original incarnation as Any Other Wedding.  It is now more about life and relationships with a little bit of wedding influence and a lot of sensible words of wisdom!  Run by Clare, Aisling and Anna - I love their take on things and have been lucky enough to write a few guest posts for them myself.

Glasgow Mummy - One of my best friends' blog.  Sarah writes about life with her beautiful children and her fabulous finds.  I love following her 35 at 35 list as she ticks things off!

Florence Finds - Rebecca of Rock My Wedding fame has now developed her own lifestyle blog - ideal for us marrieds it's all about many different facets of life with the fashion posts being my favourite!

A Safe Mooring - A very well written blog which I can so often identify with it's spooky and I seriously wish I was half as good at writing as Kirsty is.  Plus she's REALLY funny!

Wife Cycle - Another funny blog written by my friend and fellow twin Mum, Holly.  She's documenting her new cycling hobby with its ups and downs and much hilarity!

Glasgow Baking Club - I was so excited to discover a baking club starting near me and have been to every meeting since its debut 1 year ago.  We have a great time getting to know new people at each meeting and I love getting to sample so many different bakes!

Hungry Squirrel Cakes - The founder of Glasgow Baking Club, Ali makes gorgeous cakes and is lovely to boot!

Thank Fifi - This is a fabulous fashion blog by fellow Glasgow girl, Wendy.  We LOVE her dog and her style is always spot on.  I aspire to have outfit photos like hers - I'm always showing them to Nik in an effort to get him to be more inspired when I ask him to take my own outfit pictures.

Conversation Pieces - A beautiful blog by Zoe whose style is quirky and colourful and you know I love colour!  She's also the founder of blook club which I love being a member of!

Swoon Worthy - A brilliant home & interior blog all about Kimberly's gorgeous home as it evolves room by room.

Rocked by Life - I love Naomi's design brain!  She also writes about all sorts but I particularly like her finds.

A Practical Wedding - A superb wedding blog which also discusses life after the wedding day.  It's all about the sanity!

There are a great many other blogs we like to read, too many to write a synopsis for each.  We wanted to share a few more so here is a little sub section for all of the AOW community (which we love being a part of) who write their own blogs!  We're extremely lucky to have met a number of these ladies and count a great many of them as friends.  If you want to see all the blogs I follow, head over to my Bloglovin profile.

Anna at Skin & Blister
Ashleigh at Made In Morningside
Bella at The Brass Bell
Crysta at A Hatful of Wool
Esme at Esme Wins
Fiona at Life In Brief
Gemma at Prettiest Hobo
Hollie at Tulips & Tea

Joan Hunter Dunn (I'm not sure if she uses her real name now or not) at Flowers and Stripes
Laura at The Mrs Makes
Penny at Radio Gaga
Rachie at A Chi Chi Affair

(Apologies if we've missed you off this list!  If you think you should be included here, please get in touch!)

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