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I enjoy sharing brands, products and places we love so that our readers can learn of new places and brands we rate.  It's great to be able to support businesses and brands we like so I wanted to share a few of our favourites here along with some lovely testimonials from some of those we've worked with in the past.

If you're interested in collaborating, either offering us an item to review or inviting us to try a meal at your establishment, please do get in touch.  I'm always fair and honest in my reviews, if we don't like something, I don't share it with my readers.  I share things I love on my blog and enjoy helping to promote businesses I like, especially if you're small and/or local.  I believe in transparency in order to give my readers confidence, therefore will always mention when I have received discounted or free products/meals.

I am also available for product/event photography.  If you would like to discuss having photos of your event, establishment and/or products, please contact me at Bexphoto and see more examples of my photography work on the Bexphoto blog.

A few brands, businesses and events I have worked with in the past:

Elderflower Fields Festival

Kew at Wakehurst

Joy Festival

Honest Miracle Family Organics

Tired Bear Costumes

Outside the Box Clothes

Into Mills

Firle Vintage Fair

Country Lifestyle Fair, Uckfield

CAU Tunbridge Wells

Cuckoo, Uckfield

Hotel Du Vin

Tick Boom Face Painting

Into The Trees Festival

England's Medieval Festival


Honest Miracle

Bex wrote a lovely review of our Organic Rainbow Stripe dress on her blog.  As well as this, she promoted us on her Instagram account with relevant hashtags.  I love the photos, I was especially impressed by the initial Instagram snapshot, it showed how talented she is and that you don't need professional equipment to produce amazing photos.  We've gained quality customers through this collaboration and we have been impressed by Bex's professionalism and also her friendliness.  It's been a delight to work with her.  Kim at Honest Miracle Family Organics  ❤️πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™

Outside the Box Clothes

Bex and I worked together on a review and giveaway for my clothing brand.  Her Olive Dragonfly blog has a wide audience so I thought this was a great opportunity to gain some more exposure. 
Bex took some amazing photos of her twins in our clothes and wrote a piece about our brand on her blog.  As well as searching for the perfect location to shoot the photos she spent time editing and producing a professional advert for the giveaway.  As a company we were delighted with the photos and write up and would recommend Becky to any business that needs some exposure and/or photographs of their products.

Uckfield News 

Bex has been writing a column for Uckfield News about her family outings in East Sussex for three months now and impressing with the quality of her photographs and copy.  She has a natural optimism, high spirits and lots of energy which means there’s plenty to inspire others in her features about getting out and about to places that are easily accessible from Uckfield.  Thank you Bex - all you do for Uckfield News is much appreciated.

Country Lifestyle Fairs
See how a professional photographer and blogger Bex from Olive Dragonfly Blog viewed our fair. Fabulous photos, so glad you liked the fair Bex and thank you so much for the fabulous review.

Thank you so much for your review, it's nice for us when people enjoy the food and overall experience. Your review clearly took time to compile and I appreciate your efforts.

Other local reviews in East Sussex & Kent:

Fruit Picking at Oast Farm

Uckfield Festival

Brighton Kite Festival

Other product reviews:
Freddies Flowers

Other brands/businesses I've worked with:
Long Tall Sally
Earth Conscious
Louise Mallan Photography
Home-made Mummy's Meals
Chobani Yoghurt
Curry Dave Indian Pizzas
Tullie Inn
Various publishers via Netgalley

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