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If you found the blog by searching for information or stories about infertility and IVF, it's something I struggled with and found writing about our experiences on here helpful.  I received so much support from my little on-line community and am happy to be contacted if you are going through something similar and want to get in touch.

To sum it up, 2013 was horrendous.  We found out we would never have children naturally in Nov 2012 after trying to conceive for over a year.  After finding out it would take 44 weeks to be seen on the NHS to get some answers, we decided to go to a private clinic (just as well, as 14 months later we STILL hadn't been seen by the NHS clinic!).  Unfortunately we received one piece of bad news after another and things didn't look at all good.  We considered our options looking at surrogacy and adoption although we hadn't completely given up hope of becoming pregnant.  We seemed to have a lot of different rare problems relating to the IVF and despite 2 cycles, we've never managed to get an embryo inside me.  I also had an operation to try to fix my cervix (one of the issues they discovered) but this supposedly straightforward op was unsuccessful and after an MRI to check my anatomy, they discovered that my cervix was S shaped and twisted.  That on top of an ovarian reserve of 2.8 (extremely low for my age (31 at the time) and equivalent to that of a 45 year old) and various other issues we faced we were particularly unlucky.  Until we weren't.  Until we were the lucky ones.

After receiving my MRI results, our doctor offered one last try as we had nothing to lose.  Our embryos had been frozen and we booked in for an FET, hoping against all odds that we'd finally get our proper chance at IVF and get the embryos where they needed to be.  They did.  And they held on, BOTH of them, until the 37th week when we finally got to meet our babies.

I've indexed our story below in the order I've written about it.  It's not our entire story, just as much as we're comfortable sharing on the internet!  (Which is quite a lot really.)  It's mostly about my feelings before and after each disappointment we've experienced.  I usually try to avoid thinking (and therefore writing) about it in between treatments and unfortunately after treatments I'm usually pretty upset so it's not really a happy story to read.  If you want happy stories though, you can read the amazing comments from my readers/friends and there are PLENTY of new posts about my pregnancy and our beautiful twins since they were born.

The struggle is part of the story...

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