Monday, 28 February 2011

Schemes and Themes

Our colour scheme was always going to be green.  Nik knew this even before proposing as I am just obsessed with all things green!   As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose olive green due to the fact that a) I love it, b) it's not emerald, forest or lime as seen in 3 previous friends' weddings and c) the photos will go with our home decor :) (Yes, I really am that sad that I think about these things!)  I'm also really not a fan of pastels and like to be a bit different and I haven't seen any olive green bridesmaid dresses anywhere, although this did present a slight problem when I wanted to buy some! We also wanted to incorporate Nik's Indian culture and Scottish culture as, although not technically Scottish, I have lived and grown up here since I was five. I made a mood board recently with some of my initial ideas and inspirations...

Mood Board - Inspirations
The butterfly image in the middle was found in a magazine stationary section and I loved the style of the butterfly but didn't want anything quite as girly as butterflies and something a bit more unusual.  When discussing this with a friend, she suggested dragonflies instead and I have no idea why I hadn't though of it myself!  I love dragonflies and have a couple of dragonfly necklaces and other items already! So our theme was born - green and dragonflies with a Scottish Indian Fusion thrown in for good measure!  When I told my future mother in law this, she thought it might be a confusion wedding but I think she's now convinced!
Post Wedding Update:

I absolutely loved our wedding decor and had lots of little personal touches and lots of green!  

Even Mum got in on the green love :)


Yes, I even got tissues with green blooms on to go with the green themed basket of toiletries in the ladies

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