Monday, 28 February 2011

The Wedding Planner

I have just returned from a meeting with Rebecca Barnett Wedding Design and I have to say I already feel so much less worried about our wedding day.  She is going to help us organise the venue on the day since it's not a hotel and doesn't come with a wedding coordinator or anyone to decorate the hall for us.
We decided recently that although I am loving the planning and most of it is organised already, we could really use some help on the day!  I have bought a few little items and have a couple of things to set up (more on those later!) and as much as I would love to set it all up and decorate our venue myself, I simply can't!  Our venue is booked on most days throughout the summer so we are unable to get in the day before as someone else is having their wedding!  On the morning of our wedding I will be rather busy being beautified with my bridesmaids and Mum.  Therefore there is no-one I can or would ask to do these little jobs for me as they all add up to quite a bit of work really.
I discovered Rebecca's blog early on in my planning and absolutely loved her style!  I even contacted her to ask about her ribbon cake stand from a tea party she hosted - she even used my colour of green!  I'm sure she won't mind me using her picture and you can see her whole post here...Rebecca\'s Tea Party

Ribbon Cake Stand
I have struggled to find the exact same one but did manage to find these ones from The Orchard.
Cake Stands
The great thing is you can change the ribbon to any colour/pattern you want to match your scheme and choose which size suits you, or even buy all three and stack them in tiers!
After meeting Rebecca today I am even more convinced that she is perfect to help us on our day as we seem to have the same style and thoughts on all things wedding related and more!  I'm so excited I've found someone I can trust to help make the images in my head reality!

Post Wedding Update:

Rebecca was amazing!  A total godsend.  She sorted out all the decor on the day with perfect style, just as I imagined, especially my cheese table and the photo booth backdrop as well as hanging my little hearts and dragonflies everywhere.  Her husband also helped out immensely on the day and did all the announcements for us as well.

They got married just the week after us and now have a beautiful baby boy.  I felt like we really became friends and have kept in touch since the big day.

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