Friday, 4 March 2011

Dressing my Bridesmaids!

Again, this was a fairly easy job for me - I had something in mind for the design already and it was obviously going to be green!  I have had a few indecisive moments regarding how many shades of green to have and whether to keep the dresses all in the same design or not though.

One of the first questions I was asked my Sarah and Claire after asking them and them accepting, was what will we be wearing? (Along with 'what if I'm pregnant?'!  Early warning sign there!)  They both had guessed green for obvious reasons (I really am obsessed!) but seemed very happy when I described what I had in mind.  It is a design I feel suits most body shapes and all three of them are totally different in that respect - pregnancies aside!!

Vikki is about 5'2'', Claire is 5'6'' and Sarah 5'11'', as for body shapes - Vikki is petite but pregnant, Claire is still changing shape after her most recent pregnancy and Sarah is pregnant but won't be by the time of the wedding!

Luckily pregnancy should be easy to accomodate anyway as the design I had in mind was something similar to a Monsoon dress I wore for my 5 year reunion for university last year seen here and below...

I love the one shoulder design but it's far enough to the side so you can still wear a necklace and it has a flattering empire line and nice floaty maxi length.

Unfortunately not only could I not find this design anywhere but I could find no dresses in my chosen colour at all - in high street shops or bridal/bridesmaid shops!  Luckily I had a trip to Borneo planned in January to visit my parents who live abroad and a friend of my Mum's (the wonderful Linda) took us to an amazing silk shop in Kota Kinabalu where I managed to find the perfect colour and perfect fabric for a mere £2 per meter!!!

The satin for the empire line.
The challenge then was finding somewhere to make the dresses for me, preferably late enough that they have the best chance of fitting.  I soon ruled out getting them made in Malaysia (despite the amazing savings I would have made) as I would have worried about the quality and fit until they arrived!  When I returned, I contacted the lovely Jean at Sarah Morgan Bridal where I got my dress to ask her for the details of the woman who does their adjustments.  She contacted her for me and she was happy to help and we arranged a meeting at her home.  Margaret is as lovely as Jean and Louise and was happy to leave making the dresses up until just 4 weeks before the wedding, but will make a cotton tuile in April to get a rough guide made up to fit each bridesmaid and check the design.

I managed to find great silver satin shoes in the sale in Debenhams from Nine West.  They are super comfy and all the girls like them - especially as they are flat!  They will be able to dance the night away in full comfort!

I won't give anything away about their jewellery as that will be a surprise for the girls in their special pressie boxes I have made up - more on those soon!  ;)

Grace will be wearing a stunning ivory dress with silver detailing from Monsoon with similar coloured shoes to the bridesmaids.

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