Monday, 14 March 2011

Engagement Party

We were very lucky that a lot of our friends and family were able to come to Glasgow to celebrate our engagement with us.  It also turned out to be great timing as my parents who live abroad happened to have a visit planned shortly after we returned from our now dubbed - 'engagement holiday'!  We planned the party as quickly as possible to be able to have my parents there with us and to meet some of our new friends since moving to Glasgow.

Nik, me and my family
Nik's parents, Vikram and Rohini, also arranged to come up from Durham (Nik's home town) for the weekend, along with his brother, Ishan and his girlfriend, Izzy from London and my brother David came up from Darlington.  Some of my aunts and uncles also made the trip up from Yorkshire where my Dad is from.

Dad and his brother and sister
We booked a dinner for us and the family at a restaurant in Merchant Square in the city centre which also reserved the inside area for us and our guests so we could decorate with balloons and set out our own bubbly and cake.  (I think they did charge us corkage but it was still cheaper than their option.  I just left that part up to Nik!)

Nik eyeing up the DELICOUS Costco cake!

We took all our engagement cards along to place around the room as well since we had so many it was a shame not to show them off!

Everyone waiting for cake!
David and Auntie Bev
Me chatting to Julie and Graham
Vikram chatting with Auntie Elaine and Uncle Rick (note the fan - it did get waaay too hot in there unfortunately!)
Colin and Claire chatting to Izzy
(I was really glad they could make it as it wasn't long after their son was born!)
I wore one of my favourite dresses which is a lovely shade of teal green from Karen Millen.  It ended up being a pretty close match to the balloons which was also Nik's job since all of us girls, (Mum, Rohi, Claire, Izzy and I all went to see the dress Mum and I had fallen in love with to get their verdict - it was unanimous that it was 'the one', especially after the previously mentioned disastrous appointment that afternoon!)

Everyone had a pretty good night and despite the lack of dance floor (something I would have insisted on had we had more time to organise and think of somewhere better) I ended up pretty happy on all the French Martinis that kept appearing all night!  The bar even sent someone out to get more ingredients at one point as I had convinced everyone to try them and they went down a storm so the bar ran out!  Ooops!  :)

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