Monday, 28 March 2011

The Honeymoon Wardrobe!

Completely impractical as we haven't even booked anything other than our flights for the honeymoon yet, but I am starting to think about all the stunning clothes I want need for this holiday of a lifetime!  I've had a lovely weekend doing a spot of 'normal' shopping again as opposed to buying things for the wedding!

I spotted this in the window at Hobbs (not a shop I have ever shopped in I have to admit) which I absolutely love with the little cute hearts all over for £149...

Unfortunately when I tried it on, the fit is just wrong for me, the 12 was too tight under the arms and the 14 way too big and baggy even with the belt pulled in at the waist.  Ah well, saved me a fortune as it was a bit pricey, especially compared to the bargains below!

I also have this little number which I hunted high and low for and was constantly being outbid on ebay (it was sold out in Ted Baker) for months as it was selling for WAY over the shop price and I just couldn't justify £300+ for a £199 dress!  (Which in itself is usually a lot more than I would spend but it is just SO gorgeous and floaty and silky and butterfly printy, etc....)  I eventually got one for £156 worn once and dry cleaned - good as new, I would never have known it was previously worn!  It fits PERFECTLY and is very flattering.

While hitting the shops, I also picked up a few more bargains.  First this Ben Di Lisi maxi dress from Debenhams for £37.50...

(Much nicer with black flip flops in my opinion.)
While there I also spotted this STUNNING and very practical mac (also Ben Di Lisi, unfortunately not in the sale but a very reasonable £85.)  Perfect timing as we come into BST and it is starting to get milder, yay!

I also found this lovely satin dress in my fave colour in the Betty Jackson sale for a bargainous £29.50...

Another window spot was this gorgeous green cardigan (much nicer vibrant green in real life!) in Wallis...

Admittedly the bottom three purchases are not really suitable for a honeymoon in Africa, but it's been a long time since I got a clothes fix!  I did however get a fabulous cuff as seen on RMW from Coast...

Totally stunning, looks so pretty on and will look great on honeymoon with all my maxi dresses!  While in Coast I also fell in love with this:

'Foxglove' dress from Coast
It came with a cream belt as well as the black one.  I will also try wearing it with some different coloured ribbons to change the look.  Now it's time to start saving again after this little splurge but it was totally worth it!  :)

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