Sunday, 27 March 2011

My 1st Panorama!

This post features some more of my photography but this time of the island where we got engaged.

The main jetty taken from the dive centre jetty

I have been asked to do a talk for a camera club who emailed me via my website, Bexphoto.  It is this Wednesday and after having had it in the calendar for about a year I am finally getting round to putting a presentation together!  I have a short 15 minute presentation that I gave to my own camera club last year which I have to extend to an hour and a half!!  Eek!

So last night I spent 4 hours going through all of the images I took while on THE holiday last August - they kind of got looked over on our return as being engaged was rather distracting and editing all my photos has taken a back seat ever since!  I now have plenty of images, including some new ones taken in Borneo as well, and just have to put them into some sort of order and hope for the best!  Here are some of my favourites...

The top six images were taken at Eriyadu, the island in the photo above and the bottom two in Sri Lanka (an example of the sunsets preventing me leaving my camera in our room and preventing Nik from proposing as a result!  Oops!)  While going through the images, I found a set of 5 I had planned to turn into one long panorama to fit the whole island in, taken from the end of the main jetty - not realising at the time that  I would later get engaged under the very hut in the middle of the image :)  This is the first time I have made a panoramic image and it's a lot easier than I thought, my software pretty much does all the hard work as long as the images are taken in the correct way to fit together well and it seemed to work, I am delighted with the result...

My special place panorama!
I'm excited about Wednesday and have been assured they are a friendly bunch but am still a little nervous, I had the same problem when having to give presentations during two years as an SHO in a hospital and tend to talk a bit fast!  I need to remember that this talk has to last an hour and a half and speak SLOWLY!  Fingers crossed it goes well!  :)

Post Wedding Update:

We ended up using a canvas print of this as part of our wedding decor in the fireplace which was also our photo booth backdrop...

It's now hanging in our bathroom :)

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