Sunday, 27 March 2011

Our Wedding Music

The first and most obvious thing to get booked for us was the band.  We initially tried to book Aurora as we had seen them at 2 previous weddings of our friends and they are amazing!  Unfortunately they were already booked on our date.  Then started the search, a few other bands were recommended, Ernest and Aurora being the main ones repeated by a few friends.  Ernest were also already booked!

We started looking on Music For Scotland, a great website for bands in Scotland with videos and song lists.  We made a shortlist of bands we were interested in and went along to their next showcase.  We had initially thought we would book Franco, a 3 piece male band with great rock samples, but after seeing The Saturns we booked them even before Franco came on.  We decided that although we think Franco are great, The Saturns will have more of a range of music as they are a 5 piece with both a male and female singer and they blew us away compared to the other bands we had already seen.  They did some great rock as well but also a bit of the good old cheese - ABBA!  I love a bit of ABBA!  They will also do a Ceilidh set either from an ipod or if you hire an accordion player they will play along.  They also call the dances which we need as so many of our guests are not Scottish!

We also decided we'd like the traditional piper for when the guests arrive and to pipe us into the meal.  To keep with our 'Fusion' theme and have a bit of Nik's culture in there, we have also booked a Dhol player (Indian drums), which actually sounds amazing along with the bagpipes!  (Seriously, have a search on youtube!)

I have also asked a friend from school who plays the harp professionally to provide some romantic music for my walk down the aisle and during the signing of the register.  I love harp music and it's just perfect for this kind of thing as it's so soft and romantic sounding.  I'm delighted Gwen can do it as I like that it's not all just random people we have hired, it makes our wedding day so much more personal to be able have some of our friends involved as well.  She has also very kindly offered to play as a wedding gift to us which is very generous!  She is absolutely amazing which I discovered when I went to her home with Mum back in October last year to hear her play and listen to some music suggestions.  I can't wait to hear her play in the big hall!  Check out her website here!

Post Wedding Update:

I don't have many pictures of the harp but you can see it below when I am entering the hall.  Gwen did an amazing job and I loved her version of Stairway to Heaven as I walked up to Nik.  She played Pachelbel's Canon in D as we signed the register.

The piper and drummer were also wonderful, they started playing together to surprise everyone as we left the hall after the ceremony, even our venue mentioned how much they loved it in the thank you letter they sent us after the day.

Photo taken by Ruth

Photo by Nazlie

We also ended up booking the Dotted Crotchets String Quartet to play during our champagne reception as we got a special deal since Ruth used to be my neighbour where I grew up :)

And there was some spontaneous bhangra dancing as everyone filed into the hall for dinner...

 The band were great too and there was lots of fun dancing later in the evening after our Ceilidh!

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The Saturns said...

Stubbled across your blog here..

I remember performing at your wedding - it was Glasgow wasn't it? best buffet ever :)

Thanks again for choosing the Saturns, All the best !

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