Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Ring Bowl

I never liked ring cushions.  I was thinking of making one but decided I just don't like them.  I thought we would probably end up using a nice ring box instead but then I found Paloma's Nest!

She makes the most adorable little ring bearer bowls...

I can also still tie it in with our theme by adding a piece of my green ribbon to tie the rings on instead of the string.  And it's a lovely heirloom I can keep and use as a ring/earring holder on my dressing table as well!

I have ordered a custom bowl with our own choice of words and our wedding date so it is also personalised which is great!  I have been waiting for a free worldwide shipping offer as the bowls are all handmade and so not cheap and shipping from the US is $16 standard.  I had seen on another bride's blog (can't remember which one or I'd link to it!) ages ago about the shipping offer - I think it was last year and have been patiently waiting and checking similar blogs for hints and signed up for the newsletter.  It was getting a bit close to order as they take 3 weeks to make the custom ones and shipping/customs might take a while too so was almost ready to give up when a lovely coupon code dropped into my inbox offering 20% off!  Yay!

If anyone else is interested, the code is SPRINGHASSPRUNG and lasts til the end of April!  ;)

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