Saturday, 9 April 2011


Still enjoying my boy free weekend as he is away on his Stag in Liverpool.  Just been tidying up 'the wedding room', my temporary name for our spare room which drives the boy crazy ;) and thought I would blog about my wedding morning attire.  Yes, I have planned this already as well!  In fact the idea for the kimono came while in Malaysia buying the bridesmaids fabric.  We were taken to the Jakel Silk shop by my Mum's fab friend Linda in Borneo.  We all ended up buying a lot more fabrics than just what I needed for the bridesmaids.  One of the fabrics I fell in love with (there was SO much choice!) was this silk one featuring a green design not dissimilar to seaweed on a taupe background.

Admittedly it needs ironing but you get the idea!  
I had no idea what I would get made from it but when Linda had us round for dinner (jambalaya - YUM!) she mentioned that she had made herself a kimono and offered to make one for me.  I thought this would be my ideal outfit for my preparation pictures on the morning of the wedding and this particular fabric would be perfect for that!  Linda had to post it after we left Borneo and it just arrived last week from Malaysia (she even put a green butterfly sticker on the package, so cute!) and I love it!  Thanks Linda!  I can't wait to wear it, but other than having tried it on, I'm going to wait until the wedding day to keep it special - although I might wear it at the spa weekend!  :)

Post Wedding Update:

I didn't wear it for long as I was too hot!

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