Monday, 22 August 2011

Any Other Party and an 80th!

I am SUPER excited!  I am going to the fabulous Any Other Wedding party in September!  Just booked my train so it's official!  Woohoo!

I have mentioned Rock My Wedding a few (OK more than a few) times during my wedding planning phase, when it was a godsend full of inspiration and ideas, but I have also been reading the fabulous Any Other Wedding and although I find myself still addicted to the RMW prettiness, I am now finding AOW more relevant as it seems to focus more on the post-wedding stuff and life in general.  I also LOVE their Any Other Photo feature and as soon as I saw a certain picture my Uncle Alan took at our wedding, I immediately knew I wanted to send it in!  (I won't show it here yet in case they decide to feature it :) but I will say it was the only one to make me teary so far!  Oh and our CD of all the wedding photos has been posted today so not much longer to wait until I get to see the professional ones, yipeee!  Hopefully there will be more tears, for the right reasons!

I am already planning my outfit for the party and think I'll wear my hen night dress but maybe with different shoes this time :)  I hope I'll be glam enough when surrounded by all these uber-glamorous, yellow skirted, blog writing, talented ladies I have been reading about for so long (as opposed to me and my little green obsessed online diary)!  I think I might be a little star struck, how pathetic am I!?  lol.

I have also been thinking what to do with the rest of the weekend because I'm not going all the way to London and swapping my day off work for just one night!  I will head down on the Friday and stay until Sunday afternoon so have arranged to meet up with Frances, a family friend I used to babysit for believe it or not, and then as we became older I'm pleased to say we became proper friends, although I secretly like to think of her and her sister as my little sisters I never had!  :)

Anyway, she lives in London (handy!) and is also uber-glamorous and just landed herself a fabulous job at NET-A-PORTER!  Congrats Miss Frances!  So she will fit right in at the AOW party and she's totally up for joining me and spending the following day shopping and perhaps the next day too!  ;)  Yay!!

And since I hate it when have no pictures in my posts, here are a couple Uncle Alan took of my Grandma who will be 80 on Wednesday - Nik and I went down to Yorkshire to surprise her at the weekend (she thought she was just having a Birthday BBQ with a few of the local family until we and my brother turned up) and it totally worked!  :D

With all the grandkids

With the first grandson-in-law :)

We all had a fab time at the barbecue and were super well fed all weekend - check out Auntie Bev's breakfast spread!!...


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anna and the ring said...

Ooo another new person I get to meet. Yay for the AOW ladies!

(P.S. Congratulations.)

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