Monday, 8 August 2011


I had booked appointments for all my girls, Mum and myself to get our nails done the day before the wedding at Debutante in Glasgow.  They said I could bring some Champagne with me for us to drink while we got pampered and let me bring my own nail varnish for the toes (they said they have loads of colours - I said do you have glittery green? - so they said I could bring it!  lol).

I didn't get my fingernails done there in the end as although they do gel nails, they had said they don't do extensions, which would have been fine until I managed to break about 5 nails in the week leading up to the big day while busy crafting away!  I made an emergency appointment that Wednesday lunch time near work to get acrylic nails with tips done and loved them!

The girls all got manicures with a lovely clear varnish with an iridescent shimmer which even had a green tinge.  We all got our toes the same with my sparkly green Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish.  They looked after us so well and joined in the excited wedding chat, even trying to help when the florist called with a last minute problem (the pebbles weren't heavy enough to hold the lilys down and they needed 30 more!) and to come up with a solution to Nik's lack of wedding outfit!  They even ordered Mum and I a bacon roll from the shop next door when we got hungry as we hadn't had time for breakfast and refused to take any payment for them!  It made the whole experience so much nicer as we felt totally at home and relaxed enjoying the time with the beauticians.

Enjoying my bacon roll and champers!
Post Wedding Update:

I had hoped to get a picture of all of our matching glittery toenails, something along the lines of this but with bare feet, but I don't really like our photo we have as you can't actually see our nails very well.  It ended up being a bit of a waste of money since the picture didn't work out as the girls all had closed toe shoes on all day after that.

I do love how Grace is copying us holding up her dress!

There is a lovely one of my toes as Claire helped me put my shoes on though...

My acrylic classic nails

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