Friday, 19 August 2011

My last day at work!

Don't worry Kamran (the boss man) if you're reading this!  I am not leaving!!  I'm talking about my last day at work as a single lady (to quote Beyonce).  My wonderful girls at work (mainly Liz and Suzie as the co-conspirators!) had a few plans for me before I went off to be married!

Liz not only worked on a few projects at work and at home, but even enlisted the help of her 6 year old daughter's after school class!!

The sign made by the 6 year olds :)
Liz made all the green dragonflies stuck all over the practice and in my surgery and they made lots of signs and this....

My green veil!
They made me wear this all day, although I was allowed to take it off when treating people, but I had to have it on when they came in the room and when I went out for lunch! (I made Liz come with me and did get quite a few funny looks with my new bright accessory!!)

My wonderful Liz and her dragonflies in our surgery :)

She made my car a TIARA!!!!

They made me drive it away like this!  So embarrassing!

Thank god we managed to trade it in or I would have had Liz in cleaning the silly string out of those speakers with a dental probe! 

I am so lucky they wanted to make a fuss of me and they were please I took it all in good fun.  Liz apparently has a funny video of me driving down the road, cans rattling away!!  I will get her to upload it to Youtube and add a link here.

The sign on my door has now been replaced with this rather snazzy carved one Nik got me while in Kenya on honeymoon...

If you look closely you will see the elephant and giraffe carved into each end :)

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