Thursday, 8 September 2011

Busy Busy

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately!  Life has been a wee bit hectic!

Recent events include the birth of my chief bridesmaid's gorgeous daughter, Emily (I will be blogging about that as soon as I meet her next weekend!).  Another birth of a friend of ours' son, Samuel. Nik's brother popped the question to his lovely girlfriend Izzy.  My friend Kirsty also got engaged - all of this in the space of about 5 days!!!  We also attended the wedding of my husband's cousin last weekend which was the first Hindu ceremony I've seen and it was lovely.  The same weekend we also went through to Edinburgh for our friend Lisa's 30th birthday surprise in Dragonfly, a lovely bar in the Grassmarket.  We even had a lovely, if slightly random visit from a Spanish family who used to live in our flat and carried out some major renovations - I will also blog about that when she emails me the scanned pictures they brought to show us!

We've had dinner with some other friends we've been meaning to catch up with for a while and I have been super busy preparing a presentation for my talk at Queen's Park Camera Club (my local club of which I'm a member which makes it even more nerve-wracking!) tonight!!  It has meant I have had to sort out and process all of our honeymoon pics though so it's good that's now done!  (Also to be appearing in future posts!)

This weekend is the fabulous Any Other Wedding party in London and I can't wait!!!  I have been working today (usually my day off) so I can have tomorrow to travel down on the train as the party starts at 7pm on Friday!  I will be meeting Frances there and can't wait to spend Saturday with her too and then off to meet Ishan and Izzy and the In-laws to celebrate their engagement as they also live in London.  Sadly Nik can't make it as he has to work his shift this weekend after swapping to be able to attend the wedding last weekend!

We are also in the throes of de-cluttering which I actually started planning on honeymoon (how sad I know!) when we were snapping up some fab African souvenirs - I have big plans for our new 'Africa Room' in the study - which means removing all the stuff that invariably gets dumped in there as it's the room we use least!  Thjis has now evolved to a proper clear out in the whole flat and I recently sorted through a mountain of old home, photography and diving magazines which has already made a difference to the shelves in the living room, leaving me with more space for all my lovely frames with wedding pictures ;)

So I expect it will be a while before I am back to blogging regularly but I will keep adding new posts from time to time with updates!  Plus I still have all the wedding photos to go up!  Here's a sneak peek of the ones I have framed...  :D


Glasgow Mummy said...

That's lovely news about Ishan & Izzy :-)

Ali said...

Hi Becky :-) Sarah pointed me in the direction of your blog, I have started one of my own too. Love your wedding photos. The ones you have above your bed look brilliant. Hope you're good. XX

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