Saturday, 24 September 2011

Shoes Galore! (A shameful post)

I have never before counted my shoes.  People (Nik & Mum) often ask me how many pairs of shoes I have - usually when trying to stop me buying more!  I maybe shouldn't have actually counted as he will see this and will no doubt use it next time I want to buy another pair (let's face it, it's inevitable!) but I think I need him to remind of me of how many shoes I have in the interest of the big De-cluttering!  They are currently kept in three places - a wardrobe in our spare room, the boiler cupboard to which my fab DIY-ing Mum added shoes shelves for me and two drawers in the hall for my flip flops...

I haven't even worn any of these in the last 3 years!

Boiler cupboard

Pile of too many shoes pulled out from back of boiler cupboard!

Flip-flop drawers

I currently own (Feeling slightly ashamed as I admit this - in my defence they have accrued over a period of 12 years since I was a student and I DO have an addiciton!):
76 pairs shoes (including trainers but I still didn't realise it was quite this many!!  Eeek!)
19 pairs boots (including 2 pairs wellies - hearts and zebra print)
15 pairs flip flops

7 pairs slippers

Including some "what was I thinking?!" shoes...

Hmm, stripper style plastic heels & straps anyone??
From Faith in 2000.

Granny-ish gold wedges!?
From Barretts in 2007.

Random multi-coloured boots with heel worn down to a stub!  I obviously liked them once!
From Barratts.

Another worn to the stub heel - super pointy army canvas boots!?
Purchased in Saudi Arabia in 2001.

Cosy boots but so cheap they feel like they're made from cardboard!
From Asos in 2006.

Super clompy shoes (and they weren't even that comfy when I wore them!)  Note the dust on the toe!!
From Clarks.

Super cosy feather stuffed slippers, like duvets for your feet, but they never stay on due to lack of structure!
From H&M when I used to work there.

To explain why I still even have these shoes in my possession - I am a hoarder, it is a disease!  I am trying to cure myself with the grand de-clutter!

I feel I should also explain one of the reasons (other than the glaringly obvious fact that I am clearly a shopaholic) that I have collected so many shoes.  I struggle to find comfy and pretty shoes for my big old wide fat size 7-8 feet.  I often try on shoes and think, "yes I have found the holy grail of super comfy yet sexy shoes", only to be severely disappointed 2 hours after wearing them (in some cases 10 minutes!).  They really should have treadmills in shoe shops so you can properly try them out since walking round the shop - or even my living room - seems not to reveal the true blister/foot ache causing potential of said shoes!  It is only when I have worn them outside - therefore rendering them non-returnable - that I realise they were not quite as comfy as first thought!  

Despite trying to 'wear them in' - the seemingly fictional result of making uncomfortable shoes comfortable by wearing them despite the pain in the hopes that one day the pain will just disappear!  Methinks perhaps that people who have successfully managed to wear their shoes in have actually just made their feet numb from the repetitive blisters and achy balls of feet.  (And yes, I have also tried "party feet" which do at least prolong the pre-achy stage but the aches always come.)  It may just be that I am pathetic, have ridiculously fragile feet and/or just don't get that everyone actually just puts up with the pain forever or wears the clompy monstrosities as detailed above and there is no such thing as wearing in shoes!?

I should also add that I have so far managed to resist any ridiculously expensive shoes - I do LOVE a bargain!  The most expensive shoes I own are my bridal shoes which were £112 but my recent favourites were a mere £30 from Next.  At least this hasn't turned out like that episode of SATC when she adds up that all her Manolo and Jimmy Choos come to a grand total of $40,000!  

£30 Mary Jane Courts from Next

Anyway, I digress from the issue in hand - I have waaaay too many shoes!  I have kept a few that might not be wearable for long periods but are just too pretty to get rid of.  Claire calls them Hotel Shoes, ones that I can wear for dinner in a hotel and then go back up to the room without having to walk far - or just insist on taxis everywhere when going out!

Including all of the above embarrassing shoes, I have so far managed to say goodbye to:
18 pairs shoes
7 pairs boots
3 pairs slippers
4 pairs flip-flops

Pile of rejected shoes :(

I think I need to be more brutal!  I'm sure Nik will help with that when he gets home!!

Some of my favourites I have kept...

Strictly 'Hotel Shoes' but sooo gorgeous!
Purchased in Saudi Arabia for about £20.

Love the coral colour!
From Office for around £60.

Pewter butterfly strappy sandals - surprisingly comfy for about 20 mins of walking!
From the Principles sale for around £40.

Patent black leather sling-backs for my Hen Night!
From KG by Kurt Geiger £90 - now in the sale for £59 :(

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Lyndsey said...

Well I am not sure which I find more astounding, the fact that you have sorted out your shoes and even disposed of a few (not enough!) or the fact that you remember where and when you bought each and every pair!!

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