Saturday, 8 October 2011

Flower Arranging and Boudoir!

Not two things you would normally think of together!  I guess it shows my true random-ness, I have taken pole dancing classes before and also cupcake decorating classes.  I love getting all glammed up and posh for a champagne afternoon tea or spa day, but I also love crawling around in mud taking pictures of mushrooms...

Glam afternoon tea

Shroom Hunting in the mud!

I enjoy vegging out all weekend reading or watching TV in my PJs but also enjoy getting outdoors horse riding or up in the highlands with my camera...

Grinning after a canter on the beach - on big cuddly Morris :)

Riding at Kinshaldy Stables

Me and Molly

An amazing Glencoe trip with fab photography friends!

I'm starting to think itison reads my mind (or my blog!) No sooner had I put 'Learn Floristry' on my list the other day, this offer just appeared!

"You can get 52% off A two hour flower arranging class teaching the art of how to create a winter or spring inspired creation at Enid Reid Flowers in the South Side; perfect for floral fanatics, craft lovers and complete beginners."

The same thing happened when I had booked a boudoir shoot as a wedding surprise for Nik via Groupon but when I got my voucher and tried to book - they had no appointments left in the 3 months I had before the wedding!!  She said it's OK, it's valid for 6 months but I explained it was no good to me after July.  Luckily Groupon gave me a refund and I was wondering if I would have to find another studio and have to pay full price when the very next day, a boudoir deal at Peachfur popped up on itison which was even better as you get to keep 15 small digital pictures (with the option to buy prints) rather than just one print which the other one was offering.  Bonus!  :)

I'm really proud of the pictures, I don't think they're particularly raunchy and there's nothing on show that can't be seen in a picture of me with my strapless dress on so I decided I would share a couple of them!

I thoroughly enjoyed my studio session with Allen (brought Sarah along for moral support) and was thrilled with the results!  I ordered one as an A4 print to give to Nik on the day and enjoyed myself so much that when another offer came up with a different photographer, I did another shoot to try some different outfits (including one of Nik's shirts and a tie I snuck (not a real word I know!) out of his wardrobe) and had an album made to give him  as well!

Photo of one of the album pictures by Lindsay Docherty

Another photo of an album picture by Lindsay Docherty

Nik looking through his album on wedding morning!

I think these photos will be great to look back on when I'm old and grey with Nik and I'll remember that even though, at the time, I thought I was too overweight and was worried about posing in front of a stranger, I had a great time, ticked off another life list ambition and now have some totally different photos of myself for us both to treasure (even if there was some very good lighting and a little touch of Photoshop!) with our wedding photos.

So I'm looking really forward to the flower arranging course and ticking off another of my life list ambitions while having fun and learning a new skill :)


Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know, that horse isn't Forth, it's Molly :L

Bex said...

Oh god so it is! Forgot I started riding her for jumping lessons! :) I'll have to look out my old photos of Forth. Far too many years since these were taken, oops!

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