Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Since we haven't really done anything for Halloween this year and fancy dress is one of my all time favourite kind of parties, I thought I would post some of my past outfits and decorating efforts on here to make up for not getting dressed up or having a party this year.

These ones are from when I was a student with my friend Ashleigh...

Unfortunately my fangs didn't stay in but I love my bargain Vampire coat which I got for £2 in Saudi Arabia!
(Admittedly it was quite heavy pleather and think it ended up costing more after excess baggage!
It was a good shopping holiday that year!)

The next time I went as a vampire I had a lab tech friend adjust the fangs for me so they were super comfy and stayed in all night!  :)

You can tell I liked that coat a lot as I wore it again and again as it is just so perfect for Halloween!  Plus that's the only time I wear it as it not exactly my usual style!

Doesn't Nik make a fab Captain Jack Sparrow! He really suited the eyeliner!
My decorating efforts at my flat in Edinburgh

Halloween spread including jelly brains and severed finger sausages.

More Edinburgh decorations
When we moved to Glasgow, the stuff was spread out a bit more so I bought a giant spider!  I also discovered a love for OTT eyelashes!  Here are the next few year's costumes and decorations... (I was a Witch, a Vampire again and a Halloween Fairy!)

Nik as a crazy doctor

Already lost my hat by this point, it's a bit annoying and my coat is a bit hot!

My spider earrings which I was going to wear today but couldn't find them :(

My boss at work helped me make the bat necklace out of an old plastic container! 

Nik as a Ringmaster
LOVE these eyelashes!

2 very different fairies (I have a spider necklace on)

My amazing wings off ebay!
My puking pumpkin

We let the rope go so the scary guy would land right in front of everyone when they were coming up the stairs.

My Skeleton beer cooler and green Halloween Punch

We set this noise activated spider up behind the bathroom door so it fell down and moved its legs whenever anyone opened the door, mwah ha haa!
(Luckily no-one had any heart problems and everyone survived the night!)
After looking through all those old photos I so wish we had been organised enough for another party this year!  I had big plans for a stencilled Pumpkin this year ala Florence Finds too but ran out of time with all our DIY projects at the weekend!  :(  Maybe next year!!!  :)

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