Monday, 31 October 2011

Honeymoon Pt 5 - Zanzibar, Ras Nungwi Part 2

 (This is a picture heavy long post, sorry if you're on your phone!)
Edit: Actually this turned out to be such a long post I have decided to split it in two!  Since I told Anna she would hear about the disastrous part of these diving instalments today I will be posting the 2nd half this afternoon so come back later!  :)

When we went out to the local dive sites with Andy, we had a great time!  The journey there only took 10 minutes and we were already in the water.  In between dives I had no problems either as there was so much space on the boat with just the dive guide, the skipper and the 2 of us, I was able to lie down on the side bench which seems to help my sea sickness (maybe as it's more like just rocking on a hammock) despite the choppy seas again that day.  We had great fun bimbling around with just Andy looking for different things and I got plenty of photos that I am happy with...

Pair of Peppered Morays

Blue-Spotted Ray hiding

Hermit Crab in a blue Sponge

Sea Star

Crazy coloured Mantis Shrimp - loved these!

Nik and a school of fish

Damselfish on the underside of an Anemone


Soldierfish in a Sponge

Admiring my rings during our safety stop :)
My Lashes lasted me well on honeymoon :)

Our boat coming to get us after 1st dive

I actually enjoyed our surface interval between dives this time as we chilled on the boat listening to Andy's stories about boats, sailing and diving in the area and other places he'd been.  We again had fun on the 2nd dive and found loads of photogenic characters...


Moray Eel hiding in a wee cubby-hole
Check out his sharp teeth!
Blue-Spotted Ray
We saw lots of different things including a wide variety of the little Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs which I love.

Think this is a Blue Dragon Nudibranch, I was chuffed to find this one myself 
Also spotted this orange one, despite their bright colours they can be hard to  find as they're so small.

Teenie tiny Nudibranch, this one was the size of my fingernail!

This wee guy was moving at quite a speed and super stretchy to reach his way over the reef.
Whip Coral Goby with flash 
Whip Coral Goby without flash
We had a great time hearing Andy's tales and the dives were also good, much better than at Tumbatu although still not the best diving we've experienced.  Not only that but even though we had to have a surface interval between dives of about an hour, we still made it back in time for lunch at 1pm.  Plus as we were at our resort we could just head up to our room in our wetsuits and get straight into the warm shower and sort ourselves out before heading back to sort out the gear and then we still had the whole  afternoon to chill by the pool!

Me, my kindle and a Pina Colada, YUM!


anna and the ring said...

I have the fear because this seemed all so lovely.

Your photos are amazing!

Bex said...

Thanks Anna :) This was a lovely day, my kind of diving when we can get straight into a warm shower afterwards and have all afternoon to relax :)

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