Friday, 14 October 2011


Pleeeease tell me someone else watches this?!?  There must be someone out there as it's now on its fourth season so it can't just be us watching!

I absolutely love this TV series.  It's funny and exciting, dramatic and magical.  Perfect escapism for a Saturday night and ideal family viewing, it reminds me of the kind of things we used to watch as a family on a Sunday night with egg sandwiches and cheese and onion walkers after having had a yummy roast at lunchtime.  (Note to self, make more Sunday Roasts!  I miss Yorkshires!)

I think the casting is excellent, I especially love Richard Wilson as Gaius and John Hurt as the voice of the dragon.  I love the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, one of the funniest things about the show is their banter but there is another side to the prince/servant/destiny thing and you really do get the feeling that they care for each other.  I love the cheekiness and clumsiness of lanky Merlin and Prince Arthur's arrogant yet strangely loveable strong character.

Arthur, kinda cute and I love his slightly crooked teeth!

Merlin, geeky, lanky and clumsy and very funny!

I love that Arthur's love interest is unconventionally beautiful, not your usual future queen style.

Guinevere or Gwen, stunning.
I love Morgana's beautiful costumes before she turned evil (loving her being evil!)

You always kinda knew she'd end up evil!

I imagine that they all have a blast when filming!

But, I mostly love Lancelot!  Yum!!!

It's the one programme Nik and I watch together with no distractions, no laptop, no ironing, not even eating.  We always watch it together, even if it means one of us has to wait a week!  It's the perfect winter telly for snuggling up together on the sofa for a bit of magical adventure (and drooling)!

Please comment and tell me if you watch it and what you think of Merlin, who is your favourite character?  Who do you drool over?  Wouldn't you just love to watch them filming for a day or be an extra in Camelot?  (No, just sad old me?)

Merlin is on BBC 1 on Saturday at 8.15pm and repeated on BBC 3 at 7.45pm on Fridays
Series 2 is currently on CBBC at 11.15am and 2.40pm

All photo credits - BBC

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Anonymous said...

I watch this and I absolutely enjoy it, but I don't like the whole "evil Morgana" thing very much. :D I don't think it's natural to change like that. Anyway, Merlin and Arthur are simply great together.

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