Friday, 7 October 2011

OMG it's me (or rather Nik) on AOW!!!

Remember when I told you I had sent in a picture to the Any Other Photo feature of Any Other Wedding??  Well what I didn't tell you was that that very evening, I got a lovely reply from Anna K saying they would love to post it and, well, here it is!!!


You can tell I'm excited as I'm usually just crawling out of bed at this time but I am up, dressed and ready to go to work already!!  Happy Days :)

[Edit: P.S. Here's the photo one of our guests took of my stupid grinning face when I first saw him :) ]

If you read the AOW post you will understand ;)


Bella said...

Love this - and love that I have now discovered your blog! Spent many a childhood holiday in Pitlochry, such an amazing place! x

Lyndsey said...

Wow, that was a lovely surprise. One of my favourite pics too, good old Alan! Had a read of a few posts too, nice site.

Bex said...

Thanks Bella, just found your blog too, left you a couple of comments! Totally up my street with food, weddings and books already mentioned! :) x

Bex said...

Thanks Mum, it's a fab site isn't it! The girls are lovely too - met them when I went to that party in London! :) x

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