Monday, 17 October 2011

Honeymoon Pt 3 - Zanzibar, Karafuu Part 2

So our wee adventure outside of the resort at Karafuu was actually great fun!  We were told just to walk along to our left and we would find the village.  Everyone we passed said "Karibu", welcome in Swahili, and we really felt welcome there.

We came across this guy picking coconuts up a HUGE palm tree by the side of the road and I took a few pictures, although the light isn't great.  These are unedited shots, just resized...

Coconut picker at the top, if you look closely you might spot the coconut on its way down!

Coconut picker coming down the tree

Coconut picker hanging onto the trunk!

We then found the village and made our way through exploring and found a local shop where we stopped to buy a sim card to be able to make cheaper calls home while in Tanzania (only 3p per minute!)

Fascinated by Nik
Little girl who came to buy some washing powder

While standing there lots of boys appeared and seemed to find us very interesting.  I started taking pictures as they were coming up to me - the mothers were nearby and were just laughing (either at us or at the boys' interest in us) so I carried on snapping away as no-one seemed to mind!  I am really pleased with the images of one boy in particular...

I then tried my trick of showing him the picture on the back of the camera to get a smile but he just wanted to keep looking at it and kept trying to grab my camera after that and press buttons!

My favourite photo - him trying to grab the camera!
By now, Nik had bought us a coke and they were all pointing at it so we drank what we wanted and gave the remaining half to them.

They were pretty good at sharing (although the boy above was still holding onto it the whole time to make sure no one else drank too much!) and one of the older boys started shouting at the younger one who wasn't sharing and took it off him to pass to another boy which was interesting to see.

He did get to finish it in the end!
We then started wandering away and met this little guy who held his hand out to Nik to shake it - it wasn't until we got to Ras Nungwi that children were asking for 'money'.

And we saw this little one devouring a coconut...

Next, we went on to Ras Nungwi in the North of the island for the diving portion of our time on Zanzibar...

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